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 2 different Healings applied towards patients.

1. Traditional Chinese Movements (TCM) Energy Healing- Teach patient specific Energy movements (mostly Qigong) and techniques to help healing that particular physical problems and strengthening the self-healing power.

2. Energy (Qi) Transmission Healing- Transmit Energy to patient to clear their internal 's' blockages and strengthen the body Energy and immunity in order to lead to complete recovery.

Applying both Healing methods together would make the healing power stronger and make the recovery progress faster.

The Cause of illnesses

All sicknesses are caused by Energy, or we called Qi in Chinese, being blocked within us. Energy being blocked in different area will lead to different diseases. The seriousness of the blockage will be reflected by the seriousness of the problem. All kinds of healings are actually trying to bring the energy condition of certain area back to normal. It will then function as normal. Qigong Healing is such an energy healing. We have to understand the mental, emotional and physical energy are all related and affecting one another. Often the source of the illness would be from the mind and the emotion. We should also be working on those Energy aspects. Qigong Healing is such work helping inside out, from mind, emotion and physical body wholistically.

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Qigong Movements Healing & Energy Transmission Healing

Qigong Movements Healing and Energy Transmission Healing are methods which could be effectively clearing blockages and strengthening the energy of the patient, not only to the sick area but all over the body. They will end up improving the condition of the entire being.

Natural therapy: Less chance of Recurrence

Often after ordinary therapy, some diease would recur again. As we actually have only dealing with the surface or symptoms, not the base or the source. Qigong is actually such a work that it works and strengthen all our Energy including the mind, emotion and the body. So as we improve our body condition by enhancing the overall full being energy condition, the problem should go away fully and truly. Also as the entire being is improved on all aspects and the base Energy is strengthened, the chance of recurrance of the diease would be much lower.

Cancer is not much different

All disease, even Cancer, are caused by the energy being blocked in certain area of the body or imbalanced within the body. If we could cultivate the Energy to clear the blockages or balance the internal energy system, even just little by little, we are walking on the path of recovery.

Therapy that Improves the condition of the whole body

As the physical, mental and emotional energy are all related and affecting to one another. There will be the case that we will have multiple problems if something goes wrong in our mind, emotion or the body. So as we improve our body condition by enhancing the base, our internal energy, the other problems will go away too.

Yin and Yang Qigong Healing

This Healing Method is mainly to teach patients ways to develop their own healing power. With many years of teaching and healing experiences,Master Lawrence Tse has consequently put varies special and advanced Qigong techniques into this Yin and Yang Qigong Healing. It has been proved to be very effective even to people who are suffering from serious sicknesses like Cancer.

Yin Qigong ---- Soft and gentle Qigong movements

You feel energized with the movements rather than tired. You can practice anytime you like to gain energy. Longer and more often you practice it, more benefit by the healing energy you will receive.

Yang Qigong ---- Strong and powerful Qigong techniques

These are numbers of strong Qigong exercises including Hard Qigong breathing methods and some special advanced Qigong techniques. You will feel the energy being generated within the body very strongly. It clears blockages effectively. It is necessary for people who have serious illnesses to have such a strong pump of energy to dissolve blockages within their bodies.


Summary pix

If being sick is just like being dirty as an example, soft Qigong movements work like showering with little but continuous water while strong Qigong exercises work like pouring large buckets of water onto your dirty body. Master Lawrence Tse finds this method very effective to people who have Cancer and serious sickness. Still he will apply different techniques depends on individual case.


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