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Master Lawrence Tse started his Energy journey to learn Qigong when he was a teenager about 30 years ago. He has never stopped practicing it since then. After many years working on such a powerful Energy Tool, Qigong, he began to teach and heal both local Chinese and Westerner in HK about 15 years ago. He has been sharing his skills and techniques to individual, Corporate and Club Houses like Cathay Pacific Airways, Christian Action Center, Helena May, YWCA and many other Health Centers He has often been invited to give talks and demonstrations in different Centers and Organizations about Topics of Qigong, Healing, Energy, Breathing Techniques for Health and Release Stress etc. He has been one of the regular performers demonstrating Qigong in Mind Body Spirit Days and Holistic Fair in the past few years. 

He has also trained Qigong Instructors and Qigong Healers with specific Programs and Certificate Courses. Number of people have archived to such qualifications already. 



For free consultation or any enquiry,you can contact Master Lawrence Tse by private line:852-59820801

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