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Nowadays Super Viruses or Super Diseases are not“News’any more. The Drug abuse is advantaging these speedily reproducing and evolving Super Virus. They are more and more capable to resist against the anti-biotic. While at the same time our immune system are weakening by Drug abuse and over using chemical and hormone on feeding and growing the food we eat. This definitely is a devastating situation. Look at the age range of people who are having those serious illnesses like diabetes and heart disease, Cancer etc. are getting younger and younger. It seems proving it right. Some smartly start looking for natural therapies. Qigong healing is one of the most effective Choices. All illnesses are caused by our energy or Qi not in balance, weak or blocked. Practicing Qigong are helping our Qi to be in balance and then strong enough to clear blockages. Stronger Energy we are having would releasing Problems or illnesses faster.

Energy (Qi) Transmission Healing
Energy (Qi) Transmission Healing is a healing method specialized on serious illnesses like Cancer, Stroke or even dying situation etc.

Traditional Chinese Movement (TCM) Energy Healing

Traditional Chinese Movement (TCM) Energy Healing is is a healing method like learning those Traditional Chinese Health Exercises but in a simple and easy, yet effective ways in terms of self-healing. Performing those Movements would generate Energy well and strong to clear Energy blockages within us, which are the source of the illnesses. The illnesses would be healed then.