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Nowadays people are very concerned about fitness of their body. However, a lot of people concentrate too much on the appearance, rather than the internal well-being.

Would that be more perfect if we could train our internal well-being and with extra bonus of body fitness as well? For a very long history, Ancient Chinese have already developed systems to improve individual health condition on all aspects.

Qigong Healing Master Lawrence Tse has created sets of systems to train both body fitness and internal energy in order to achieve a higher level of health and fitness.

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About Qigong Demonstration & Qigong Class Practice

These sets of practices with traditional Qigong techniques and wisdoms are to

Improve both body fitness and internal energy

aiming to achieve a thorough internal and external well-being.

Externally ~ Train flexibility of the body, fine tune the body shape and strengthen the body power.

Internally ~ Empower the internal energy to improve blood circulation, create natural detoxification, balance hormone and strengthen immune system.