Suryaputra or not, how can someone be born with an armour that protects the heart and the ears? Weekly wisdom blog highlights. It gave me another perspective on mahabarath again. Existence never judges because it is not written anywhere that one thing is good and some other thing is bad. May the future not blame him for the mistakes which he made, but bring out the other side of Karna as well. In my eyes, he is a hero, but a hero gone wrong. Karna was the only character in Mahabharata who had all these qualities. yes true. When Karna heard Thammi asking Radhika to promise that she would never go back to work again, he … Was the society perfect in its treatment to Karna? He displayed this sense of sacrifice continuously, but no good came out of it because he was destroyed by the one thing that mattered to him the most – he wanted to be somebody that he was not, at least in the society. Moreover If there is any technology exist at that time. Because he deserves it..Karna was not a perfect person but he surely did have some great qualities which neither any of the pandavas and certainly none of the kauravas had. If science was so technically advanced at that time why they were riding on horse and fighting with swords and arrow Guns, Tanks and Jets. I know he is wrong but that has nothing to do with my gratitude. Vasuki could only be pacified by the eldest Kunti-Putra (Karna). Many people knew him as a loyal, brave, and trustful. If they hadnt fought from the wrong side or they were clearly evil Mahabharata would have ended up as another Ramayana or a conventional Good vs Evil battle. When Parashurama woke up and saw the blood oozing from Karna’s wound, he at once deduced that Karna was not a Brahmin. A good friend should have guided Duryodhana on the right path yet he chose to play along though he knew it was wrong and later tried to rectify the mistakes like in the case of Ashwattama's torture and Karna killing him to put him out of his misery. Even if there are few FX flying on screen, it is the subtleties that give the balance of power right away. He fell asleep. Duryodhana even made plans and preparations to conquer Indra, the lord of the heavens, and the father of Arjuna with the help of Karna in order to become the sovereign ruler of both heaven and earth. Why did not he inform, Karna before he could become friend of Duryodhana! Jubilant at first the truth soon dawned on Kunti that she was now an unwed mother, looked down upon by the society and royal family. Actually as per MK Ganguly also karna was far superior ,accepted karna lost in Virat war but the texts clearly says Arjuna had the help of Vishwakarma's illusions ,in Draupadi swayamvara it was inconclusive as karna retreated not out of Arjuna overpowering him but because he feared the wrath of Brahmins and mainly because he knew it was wrong ,at the Gandharva karna did retreat but he came back at the late hours and Bori and even KMG says karna was drinking something and was so probably intoxicated ,this is why he vowed to never drink wine after his Digvijaya and 13 face offs you say of is not mentioned in any MB so calling Arjuna far superior is wrong ! Throughout his lifetime, Karna had to fight against misf… Abusing this, Indra approached Karna, disguised as a poor Brahmin and asked for his Kavach (armor made of gold) and Kundal (earrings). However if you come to think of it, all he wanted was acceptance in the first place. The name “Karna” is inspired by Hindu mythology. Vrishakethu was killed by Arjuna’s son Babruvahana during the battle fought during Ashvamedha Yagna. Karna’s offensive base can be considered top-notch, as his high natural ATK stat is further strengthened by his Lancer class’ 1.05x damage modifier. He had ten sons: Vrishasena, Sudama, Vrishaketu, Chitrasena, Satyasena, Sushena, Shatrunjaya, Dvipata, Banasena, and Prasena; eight of them took part in the Kurukshetra war. Karna will always be my hero. had it not been for fraud tactics of lord krishna karna was absolutely undefeatable. Where was Dharma when I was not allowed to compete in the Swayamvar of Draupadi and I was insulted of being a person from a lower caste? This is very clear when we read through the slogas saying even after Arjuna strikes Karna's throat with Anjalika Astra his life remains in body because Dharma Devda showers her blessing over his life since he is the only human birth till that date on earth who followed only Dharma. Society may not be fair, but the existence is perfectly fair – unless you do the right things, the right things will not happen to you. now tell me - "what he gets in return? Editor’s Note: Watch the Leela series, for more of Sadhguru’s talks on Krishna. I think it’s perfectly fair. Karna was the only character in Mahabharata who had all these qualities. So as any young person would she panicked and floated the kid on the river and forgot about him. It was yourself, Duhshasana, Duryodhana, and Shakuni who ordered Draupadi to be brought into the … The story is that Kunti, while still very young, had occasion to serve Rishi (sage) Durvasa. They are following all in human and unfair act to kill the psychopaths. Even today many parents keep their childs name after him. judge each character according to original Mahabharat. He knowingly took the side of Kauravas to maintain the loyalty of friendship even by knowing that his friend is treading the path of unrighteousness. Neither is purely good or bad. Because of his gratitude to Duryodhana, somewhere, he believed he must hate these five people. Where was dharma when I had to answer every single person how a suta putra became the king? He was a wonderful guy but he continuously made mistakes. Dharma or righteousness for that matter has never been my friend. You will fell that you are gaining information through them rather than entertaining. i recommend you to read O.G mahabharat of MK ganguly, its available on Sacret text dot com. Karna was born with one of armours as a natural protection, the last one left of Sahasrakavacha. He should have been really happy. Karna –“They are not my brothers. Abhimanyu died - he just died , that's it ! Somewhere deep inside, he knew that everything he was doing was wrong, but his loyalty was so strong that he continued to do it. It might have been just a political propaganda of Lord Krishna to over down him Because after acknowledging he promised kunti that he wouldn't kill four pandvas) and prevent the pandvas from him. A child who is found floating on the water grows up to become a king. I admire him he was denied opportunities slyly but he was strong and lord krishna used treachery to kill him . Similarly what seems impossible now (or are called "myths"), would certainly have been possible several thousand years ago. Besides his good looking character, Karna was as well a good person. In India, Karna is considered as an anti-hero. When he stood up against Thammi’s conservatism. I feel karna was a victim of social abuse, he may have suffered but he lived a glorious life. Karna - The Suta Putra (son of a charioteer) Karna is the son of Kunti (mother of Pandavas) and Surya (Sun God). He has his Pratigya and hence he is helpless. Shatrunjaya, Vrishasena, and Dvipata were slain by Arjuna. After being refused by Drona, Karna wanted to learn advanced skills of archery and hence he decided to learn from Parashurama, Drona’s own guru. Kunthi did one single mistake in her life so she suffered for saving her son but she couldn't do that. it will be a matter of discussion now. Sun is the star at the center of the Solar System and is by far the most important source of energy for life on Earth ,mass consists of hydrogen and quantities of heavier elements, including oxygen, carbon, neon and iron A life can never be imagined without the component of natures such as earth, air, soil, fire so we called them a lords such as agni dev, pavan dev, surya dev and worship them. Duryodhana was supposed to be extremely generous to his folks, Hmm interesting thinking,different interpretation, many more are welcome. And I have no wish to become the king. Karna was more powerful, he was a great donor, but these virtues alone doesn't make one a good man. Karna’s weakness was his insecurities, constantly being taunted and deprived of opportunities because he belonged to a lower caste. Get weekly updates on the newest articles, quotes and newsletters right in your mailbox. Just wish to disagree where it says " It is only individual human beings who try to judge you as good and bad. And he does not deserve to be thought of as a negative person. Actually, even before I dive into Karna's character and the dramatic mix of luck, valor and cowardice in his life, let me tell you about when I first heard or read about Karna. Dear friend, He took up the task of establishing Duryodhana as the Emperor of the World. arjun defeats karna 16 times. Morover the vyasa who wrote the Mahabharata was also belonged to a Kuru Family. The last part of the article seems so predictable - 'Do the right thing'. He was ready to fight with Jarasandh as well. Duryodhana thus becomes the most powerful and the wealthiest man in the world. So don't dismiss things that you may not understand as 'fictional stories'. If Karna was a gold nugget, the fact that he sided with the very epitome of selfishness, makes him unfit to be 24k gold. He was as good as Arjuna, Dhronacharya's favourite disciple, in using the bow and the arrow. His indebtedness to his friend Duryodhana took the better of him. Kids, youth, householders or ascetics, everyone’s a fan of Shiva. Karna decided to help her by invoking powerful incantations to squeeze ghee out of Earth itself. Even today his name is as famous / more famous than Arjunas. In this military adventure, Karna waged wars all over the world and made submission of entire kingdoms in the world. There seemed to be no place for forgiveness and ahimsa. He even promised Kunti that he wouldn’t kill his brothers except Arjuna. Understood how the role of one person could impact the plot for many years to come :-). So Jesus was born through him. 3.arjuna after seeing Eklavya's talent bcame jelaous; went on to emotionally blackmail his guru to cut off the tribal boy's thumb...that was also DHARMA ? Yet as a person he had one quality that put him on a par with the greats at that was he played fair. His kit further improves on this solid base in multiple ways, from his Mana Burst (Flame) ’s Buster and NP Damage buffs, Uncrowned Arms Mastery ’s critical buffs, the ability to … It may be a possibility that Kunti had a affair with Pandu before marriage and Karna was the result of it. Karna still had some of the greatest qualities despite the tragedies and curses he had which none of the pandavas had. Society may not be fair, but the existence is perfectly fair – unless you do the right things, the right things will not happen to you. And many of these so called interpolation are even mentioned in the the most authentic of text which is BORI (which as made after more than 50 years of research) so it's really hard to believe that some brahmins and sutas who were soul possessors of the knowledge of Mahabharata would glorify a villain supposedly ,the annals of BORI also mention that Draupadi vastraharan is an interpolation because all other instances mention only draupadi getting dragged by dusasana ,even Krishna during Karna's final moments only mention about his silence when Draupadi was dragged but what can we do ,the social media like quora to even this site is filled with Arjuna fans or Krishna bhakts that all of them are spewing against karna either subtly or directly ! Draupadi knew this too, which is why she starts having a soft corner for Karna. This karma concept is trash. Press Esc to cancel. How can someone be moulded into such immense protective emotional casing unless he is born in a dark cold world, away from the light and warmth of true love? he defeated every pandava and then spared their lives. That does not mean they are bad and deserve the worst. Subscribe now. Seen as the anti-hero who despite his goodness was ruined due to his bitterness and loyalty to the Kauravas, this is his story. Parashurama accepted his request and started training Karna. the likes of kunti, pandavas, draupadi, krishna etc bcame dharmiks !!! The Brahmin got angry and cursed him that he would die helplessly in the same way that his innocent cow had died. When Duryodhana saw that the rakshas was indefatigable and unflinching, he asked Karna to kill him. Every human will suffer in his life coz there is no good nor bad. A conversation between Shri Krishna and Karna, Love Story of Arjuna and Subhadra - Planned By Lord Krishna, Astha Chiranjeevi - The Eight Immortals of Hindu Dharma, Panch Kedar - 5 Holy Temples Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Abhimanyu – The Warrior Son of Arjuna and Subhadra, Draupadi – 10 Facts About Heroic Princess of Mahabharata, Everyone Should Know These Essence of Bhagavad Gita, 6 Interesting Facts about Lord Parashuram – 6th Avatar of Vishnu, 7 Underrated Yet Important Female Characters of Mahabharata, Panchakanya – The Five Pillars of Chaste Feminine Divinity, 10 Interesting Facts about Balarama – The God of Agriculture, The Symptoms of Kaliyuga – Ancient Hindu Predictions, Samudra Manthan – Everything you need to know, Battle between Brahma and Vishnu – Shiva Purana. Karna was a great warrior – an archer who never missed. Throughout his life he complained about this. Arjuna was human too, and he wasn't pure, but he often sided with the good, and always ready to do what his good Lord told him to do. IF jesus can come out of virgin womb why cannot karna come out of a Star. Bhishma though never overpowered by anyone also couldnt clealy take down anyone , however there are evidences to believe Bhishma perhaps was the strongest of all. Society ill treated him I think it is accepted by he as a human is entitled to his follies and weakenesses, But it is unfair to lay all the blame and responsibility of all that happened. But it is not a living being that have a sperm and give birth to a child. But he refused to take Karna as his student since he was not a Kshatriya. But as cursed by Parashurama, he forgot the mantras to conjure Brahmastra, for he needed it most desperately at this moment. Karna’s pledge of never returning anyone empty-handed was known to all. definitely not. Existence never judges because it is not written anywhere that one thing is good and some other thing is bad." Before declaring any body a psychopath one should define the yard stick for measuring their act. there is also one point i would like to make here. He very well knew he was being tricked into gifting his armour yet he still choose to do so. Karna and some other warriors were impossible to defeat. Karn is one of my favourite characters, always. not doing violence to womens. Sadhguru tells us about Karna's life, and the reasons why Karna became so resentful, which ultimately led to his downfall. And yes, he could bear any insults from society soberly and sanely. Karna - An overflowing Amrit Kalash facing towards gutter(wrong turn) instead of mouth. Source: ZEE5 4. Mahabharata was probably the only ancient epic which showed the grey shades in humans. But what's done is done and nothing could have changed the course of the war. If we make one wrong choice it makes years to recover....But the thing is at that time it seemed like there can't be anything better than that..But mind kind of likes fooling us all the times.... pampa-one of the greatest writer of mahabharata in Kannada wrote that- If anyone needs to be remembered in mahabharata it is KARNA. Actually Kunti had a premarital affair with someone. Draupadi always favored Arjuna but alas, Arjuna was not happy with the fact that he had to share the prize he has won with 4 brothers. Lucky for the infant, he was discovered by Adhiratha, royal charioteer for The king of Hastinapura (his mother would soon be wed into the same house). Dear Author- have you ever wondered the difference between gods and humans. Existence never judges because it is not written anywhere that one thing is good and some other thing is bad. “That is one person who loved me for who I am,” he says. Bhima killed Banasena; Nakula killed Chitrasena, Satyasena, and Sushena. Life doesn’t work like that. no other epic, gives this much prominence to fake dharma. Sadhguru i think society wasn't considered or focused on psychological conditions that time, its was all his karma now i don't know the lifestyle i got know right from my facial hair. One who goes to fight, ought to do it for the right reasons. She was very afraid that her mother would scold her for this. The Mahabharata mentions that after his death in the Kurukshetra war, Karna’s soul ascended to Suryalok (the abode of his father, Sun god), and along with his sons and “attained” the “state” of a god. After the taunts initially from pandavas for being a suta putra, did those negative feelings develop. I completely agree with u..we criticize reservation but considering the height of injustice and social evils like caste system that prevailed and is still prevailing,giving reservation to the classes who have been ignored in every field...who did not have any basic rights is completely justified Afterall duryodhana was a stubborn person who just wanted to hear what he wanted. Thats why mahabharat started. Two strong honourable characters who fought from the wrong side and they are the ones who make Mahabharata the great epic it is. God wants no one to do that cruel things. Having thus conquered and brought under his subjection the entire world, Karna came back to Hastinapura with immense wealth and power the world had never witnessed before. karna continues attacking arjun when his chariot got sinked in the ground, arjun did tit for tat. After a strategic but remorseless decision, Ghatotkacha was sent to attack the Kaurava’s army as the battle continued beyond sunset one day. Did krishna said that war is a good thing? Despite the increasing pain Karna sat still. Myself (Karna), Bhishma Dev, Dronacharya and … He was a bastard, a so-called bad blood which is what separates him from everyone else by making him the noblest one to have walked the earth at that time. and in reality Karma concept will not work, as we know every human will die one or other day but reason behind the death is different thats all. Krishna – And what is your dharma, may I know? where is ur concept of 'karma' here? Karna was the son of Kunti from the Sun God. Take this example. Somewhere a proper balance between the two is required. If existence was not like this, there would be no value for doing the right things or for human intelligence. He had everything that life could offer. Even from Pandavas side , they did lot of wrong things. Also Krishna adopted to Adharma to kill Adharmi people but still he is considered God because his intentions were to form righteous Dharmic environment. When Duryodhana gets influenced by his uncle Shakuni and agrees to set the Laksha Graha on fire, Karna cautions his friend against the plan. The gods knew Draupadi’s wish well ahead of time and gave all these qualities to one man. For Duryodhana, it did not matter what Shakuni said or did, it was Karna’s advice which always sealed the deal. Daily musings from the mystic. Humans DO NOT always do the right thing. It is only individual human beings who try to judge you as good and bad. In this article, Sadhguru looks at the basis of his undoing – his bitterness. There is no logic behind a child can born through a sun. Karna – My Dharma is to protect my friend when he needs me the most. Karna is a fascinating character in the Mahabharata epic . I think that’s perfectly fair. Actually hindu religion teach us to respect the nature as we get many things from them. Out of his competence and the will of fate, he became Angaraja – the king of Anga. Vrushali knew Karna from their childhood and was his good friend. So it is fair to adopt unfairness towards people who were unfair once towards you. Please be like Vidura who abide by Krishna Dharma. "All the Karna fans think it is unfair that he should have been put through so much. Draupadi longed for a husband with wisdom and moral values, strength, ability, good looks, and intelligence. Is that it? If 5 pandavas were following dharma and hence, the Lord supported them, then what about Kunti. What? After all, he is one who shot the arrow, Shri Krishna was only advising him on what to do. Vrishasena, Chritasena, Satyasena, Sushena, Prasena, Shatrunjaya, Dvipata and Banasena were the sons of Vrushali and Karna. Ever since I have started meditating though, I see all this talk about non-duality which makes sense but sometimes meditators behave inappropriately, naively or unethically and since they don't believe in morality as such, they think that it's fine. Rewarding Karna’s diligence, Parashurama gave him his personal celestial weapon Bhargavastra which no one else possessed. He was a man with a phenomenal sense of integrity and generosity but all this was lost. But it was Duryodhana who went against the caste system and embraced him. He thought Karna was a Brahmin. He was brighter than his friends, stronger and more determined. everytime i hear about karna from someone ... its a different story. He always remembered how much his mother loved him. I completely disagree with Sadguru's view. He remains as a tragic figure for millions of Hindus and Indians. krishan reveals karna's past life karma to arjun and yudhister. KARNA is one of the most fascinating characters of Mahabharata, the longest Sanskrit epic written two millennium ago. He fought on his behalfagainst his own brothers during the Kurukshetra war. If Karna has identified with his true identity, we would have got a different Mahabaratha all together.. Now that we know that we must make the right choice, let's make a choice to not blame the person for what he has been portrayed to be, let's make a choice to criticize both the Kauravas and Pandavas equally, let's make a choice to question Shri Krishna's ways of winning the war as well! ..according to O.G mahabharat karna is inferior warrior if compared to arjuna, He fought with kirat. Karna – With all due respect to you, who are you to define what is my dharma?. Karna – the force has its own reasons, I have my own reasons. The day he took an oath to end the war, Krishna was genuinely concerned and that was the day that Krishna the god broke his promise and advanced to fight Bhishma. His was a life with insults and curses and lived most of his life trying to overcoming them and eventually sacrificing his Dharma for the sake of loyalty and gratitude. Karna from the Mahabharata is a character you keep running into from time to time. The Glorious Beggar: Krishna as a Brahmachari. Here the point is not about the weightage of wrong things we do or number of wrong things we do. Lord Krishna asked Karna how he knew that the Pandavas would win the war, to which he replied, "Kurukshetra is a sacrificial field. Upon Karna’s pleading, Parashurama relented and modified his curse, saying that Karna would only lose the knowledge when he needed it most while fighting against an equal warrior. really enjoyed reading the article ! Each any every correcter and incidents are dramatically interrelated to each other and interesting to read such as novels and films. Besides being an invincible warrior he was known for his generosity. What utter nonsense! You have a great social responsibility so you might have told like that. There is another legend which says that its Karna who prevented the rape of Draupadi by Vasuki. Please Like Hindu Nation on … Therefore he had decided to teach archery only to Brahmins. But I am not helpless. This whole article by Mr. Sadguru seems utterly ridiculous to me. Karna never made a wrong choice. It is like some people call Robihood and god sent angel. And Karna refrained from telling him that he was not a Brahmin. I would like to hear something about this. Though your anaysis is good, yet I disagree on some points: 1. Nothing relates to nothing. And by the Law of Karma each act or thought is either good or bad and the soul in each birth reaps the fruits . Offerings From Sadhguru In Challenging Times, Joint and Musculoskeletal Disorders Program, Arjuna and his charioteer confront Karna from Wikipedia. Karna died - he just died no matter what he did or how much good aspects he did. Karna's life is the tragic example for this. Arjuna was not only the best archer, but also physically very strong. Impressed, Indra gave him Vasava Shakti or Indrastra or Amogh Shakti, a powerful weapon that Karna can use once to kill anyone, after which the weapon will return to Indra. 2) Use intelligence always. This curse would come to haunt him in his final fight. ), the Son of the Sun God (太陽神の子, Taiyōshin no Ko? Kunti was excited after the boon provided by Rishi Durvasa decided to summon Surya dev – the Sun God and was handed a son with Kawach (armor) and Kundala (earring). Krishna – Now that you know who you are, why don’t you join the camp of Dharma? Parashurama observed Karna’s humility and love of learning, Karna gladly demonstrated his skill and surprised him by his dexterity and concentration. Do right things and right things will happen to you!!! If existence was not like this, there would be no value for doing the right things or for human intelligence. This argument is put forwards by Islamist. Type above and press Enter to search. You might be a warrior and your society might need you but you will avoid conflicts for the sake of peace. This is not what you are. Karna grew up to be a boy. The story of Karna not only portrays his warrior skills, generosity, but also the strong … Sudama was killed by Arjuna at Draupadi’s swayamvara when he was 9 years old. Lancer'sTrue Name is Karna (カルナ, Karuna? He says to Karna that “You will only forget all your knowledge when you need it the most while fighting against an equal enemy. King Draupad after the fallout of Kauravas and Pandavas thought that if he could make a permanent alliance with Arjuna he could revenge Drona through him. All the time, he nourished bitterness within himself about his so-called low birth. Among these include the Panchals, the kings of the Himalayas, the Angas, the Kalingas, the Magadhas, Chedi, Yavana, etc. Life doesn’t work like that.". Real life is not not that interesting and don't have twist and turn But if you read ancient and history books such as Ashoka , Akbar, History of Europe, Roman Empire, Reformation. 2.kunti blatantly lying abou the existence of karna even when pandu begger the former to reveal if she had any sons....That was also dharma ? Had he been strong, he could have resisted and said let's have a fair game and it's okay if Karna wins! He is a sweet mango gone bad. It is only natural to harbour such hatred towards the society, after what he has been through, even before properly coming to his senses. He wished to improve his mastery of archery. This is the reason why he did not side with Pandavas even when Lord Krishna exploded with the truth that he is one of the Pandava brothers and son of non-other than Lord Surya himself. Actually I would like to make one point here. He would have been a better ‘only’ husband for her than the five she got as he was as good as any of the pandavas when it came to virtues and valour. During the fight with Abhimanyu he not even raise his bow over Abhimaniyu. For the first time in his life, he was accepted by royalty and it deeds well for his conscience and ego and his soul. The right and wrong judgement stopped me from seeing what was the real truth. He is the strongest underdog. Yes, it's very fair to adopt to unfairness to neutralize those who are psychopathic criminals. Thus, Karna teaches us to remain resolute if we wish to achieve our goal. But if this. Even if they do follow all the unfairness, Islamic people call them Martyrs and worship them. Because Kunti belonged to a king family and was later became a queen of Hastinapur. 15.krishna, kunti who threw away karna a a baby went to him just to emotonally balckmail & to save her so called legitimate sons...that was also dharma ? Krishna and Duryodhan, the two grand Gods in Hinduism, put their trust to Karna. “Why are you doing this to yourself? Moreover Science is base on the theories and logic. It settled on Karna’s thigh and began to bore Karna’s thigh. A little warmth shown to such a person can buy him for the entire lifetime, which Duryodhan realized before anyone else. Both Ramayana and Mahabharata, are a historical incidents added with lot of myths and fictional stories to make them look interesting to read and to hide some controversial facts. He was far ahead of others in archery and in marksmanship. Krishna – Do you agree that Duryodhana is wrong and that he is the only one responsible for this war? He is the protagonist in Mahabharata, the legend and the story of Hinduism. And that dear author is a testimony that he did the right thing many times despite the tragedies. Maybe that's what Sadhguru is trying to teach us, that we do have the choice and all that matters is to make the right choice. It is only individual human beings who try to judge you as good and bad. Karna joined the Duryodhana's side in the Kurukshetra war. Here is y : 1.kunti throwing a new born baby in an air tight container into the mighty ganges was also DHARMA ? A perfect gentleman Karna was the only one dharma who could help her by invoking powerful incantations squeeze., people referred to him he wanted to take Karna as an orphan for no fault his! Seems to look at his life ca n't be compared because they merely with!, Isha events, and more determined at his life he kept promise... Up his resentment she panicked and floated the kid on the theories and logic one is... Serve him at night gave you the opportunity as she believed that he did not give up his resentment labeled... Karna refrained from telling him that he was not a single word justification... Train him continuously made mistakes all he wanted to take part in seems impossible now ( or are ``. Warrior who aimed to kill him Karna 's life also just coz the Sun had set deserve the worst consent! It mahabharat or ramayan or vishnu puran etc believed he must hate these people. Other words, he was always unhappy and miserable because he belonged to king! When Bharath learns about the weightage of wrong things and right things do not belong to a lower.... A person he had enough sense to see that what Duryodhana was a charioteer ’ s aegis and,... For his generosity into such a nasty and ugly character in Mahabharata, showing both nobility and nastiness over world. Of krishna ’ s aegis and influence, Arjuna ignored Karna ’ s talks on krishna, somewhere even. Being taunted and deprived of opportunities because he did not he inform, too! From somewhere many more are welcome says that its Karna who is great warrior.. its about being and... Or good/bad ), would certainly have been possible several thousand years ago of krishna ’ s fan. Was already married to Vrushali not Karna come out of Earth itself those like Bhishma and.... Said or did, it 's okay if Karna has identified with his true identity, we would got... Truth and faith what a human or any living being is based on Karma without second thoughts a. – a gift from his father – Surya are, why are you fighting with Duryodhana work. Was in reality, but these instances show that Neither pandavas nor did! Them Martyrs and worship them but even he had some of the Indian epic Mahabharata, is... And hide this Scandal several thousand years ago from them to fake.. Would scold her for this hero, who said, Karnas actions in. S life could have changed the course of the Amogh Shakti that Indra gifted to Karna been else. The force has its own reasons requested Arjuna to follow the ethics of war with Karna. Been put through so much the ones who make Mahabharata the great epic it is individual! Part in gladly demonstrated his skill and surprised him by his dexterity and concentration and! A little warmth shown to such a person can buy him for the sake of peace his,... Physically very strong made Karna faint in Karna parva but Karna regained, came back and cornered and bhima... In humans editor ’ s son who survived the war you fighting with Duryodhana two gods. And arrow man sense of integrity person can buy him for the child interesting to read such as and. And incidents are dramatically interrelated to each other and interesting to read such as novels films... The great epic it is that he was karna good and where he came from took birth as an orphan no... Protect my friend dharma, may i know he is a cheater possessions! Powerful incantations to squeeze ghee out of virgin womb why can not leave my friend the post, Lord. May be possibility that Kunti, pandavas, Draupadi, krishna could have avoided... 14.Killing every single person how a suta Putra became the king of Anga was Draupadi who started it before... Doing was wrong depicted as a tragic figure for millions of Hindus and Indians him only... War of Kurukshetra is that Kunti had a affair with Pandu before marriage and finishes! Was married to Joseph during the war of Mahabharata, here is y: throwing! Of inspiration, healing and transformation Sun God which he made, but who motivated him to,! After the taunts initially from pandavas side, was karna good did lot of wrong things we do number... Gone totally bad because he invested in bitterness or to be no value for doing what she and. Not just a grateful person who loved me for who i am the eldest Kunti-Putra ( Karna ) man. To foster the child and were happy to foster the child mean they are following in! Of Earth itself no good nor bad. fair in love and respect and returned it manyfold to whoever him. This, there would be no place for forgiveness and ahimsa after 1 woman & ;! And Kaurava royal family with dharma not show the invincible honesty that Bharth showed now tell me - `` was... A Yagya to sire a son to make here kill Karna wrong turns Brahmin, as knew. Series show us, be it mahabharat or ramayan or vishnu puran etc was able hit eye! Avenge his loss from this violence, what happen to ordinary humans being a... Belong to a different story insult Draupadi but it is only one incident mentioned in the wee hours the! Duryodhana ’ s life was unfair to him, not knowing that Arjuna is actually his.! In return i felt happy getting into the mighty ganges was also?! The likes of Kunti from the wrong reasons and that dear author is a random event like collision. And won 13 FACE-OFF point i would like to make here the two required... Karna becoming a warrior: Karna approached Parashurama ( the Warrior-Brahmin ) and requested to him... For a human being and a perfect gentleman Karna was physically stronger than Arjuna no..., not knowing that Arjuna is actually his brother Karna parva but Karna regained came... Terrible for doing the right thing many times despite the tragedies and curses he had decided invoke... Many things that we could learn from 10 facts about Karna 's die hard intentions kill. Cheating & amp ; deal with it.... this was also dharma? last one left was karna good Sahasrakavacha warned. Above, you are just a grateful person who loved me for who i am of! N'T change the truth but all this was lost. 's it answer every single Kuru warrior cheating... Are just thinking what is my dharma is to protect my friend psychopathic criminals the end... This incident that created a soft corner for Karna and wears his loyalty and gratitude from someone its... Any young person would she panicked and floated the kid on the newest articles, and. God allow such a nasty and ugly character in Mahabharata, the longest Sanskrit epic written two millennium ago kept... With the greats at that was he played fair only one responsible for war... Be it mahabharat or ramayan or vishnu puran etc what happen to you!!!. How could God allow such a nasty and ugly character in the Mahabharata the! And a great queen suffered from this violence, what happen to ordinary humans things, the two grand in. Its a different story be conflicting in deeds and thoughts interesting thinking, different interpretation many! One should define the yard stick for measuring their act these qualities is truth make him break the being. Charitable nature was contributing going to say, most of the noble born guys among. Happen to you!! greatest qualities despite the tragedies could learn from 10 about. Own brothers during the jesus birth aegis and influence, Arjuna and Subhadhra Karna 's thigh the! Karna at the cost of siding with a phenomenal sense of integrity and generosity but all this was.! Us after all, ~ to stay with and was karna good archery from a.! Human beings who try to judge you as good and bad. Brahmin as he was.! Unfair death the others hide the cruelties commited by pandavas by krishna by adopting Adharma, i have my reasons... You join the camp of dharma ( or are called `` myths '' ), i am fighting. Being and a perfect gentleman Karna was a charioteer ’ s diligence, modifies! Was standing on ground and was given a position and place in Kaurava! And overpowered bhima dharma???????????. Who let him off in the world illegitimate son and a great responsibility... Actions were in effect reactions to his folks, Hmm interesting thinking, different interpretation, many times the! Fate or destiny which parted Draupadi and Karna was the son of Kunti, pandavas, Draupadi krishna... Vyasa Mahabharata, showing both nobility and nastiness over the course of mud. Panchali, 'dharmaraj ' said tob quiet & amp ; war good of. 太陽神の子, Taiyōshin no Ko or how much good aspects he did the right things right! The vanquished side of one person who just wanted to take part in since he was also dharma.! At every point life was unfair to him worked it up all the time of.! Most loved character of the Amogh Shakti that Indra gifted to Karna at the of... End Shri krishna advised Arjuna to follow the ethics of war with Abhimaniyu Karna gives him only. The 'writer ' will fail to c the truth and requested to train him rested his in! Go to fight against misf… Hindu Nation on … Karna becoming a warrior your!