We use DuraSeal stains. The multiple coats of clear finish gets applied on top of the stain. Yes there might be some stain that has soaked down between the butt joints if it was applied quite liberally. Thanks!! It looks good doesn’t it. That would look great with light gray walls if you want something different and trendy. Have you seen Bona Graphite? These will blend the floors together very well. My friend has provincial 111 and I loved it in her house. He resanded and started over saying in 20 years he had never seen this – was thinking it had something to do with my subfloor and the air underneath. Speaking for myself, I like darker colored floors and I think the contrast between dark wood floors and a natural wood ceiling would look good. Try Jacobean and then 50% Jacobean and 50% Natural. your own Pins on Pinterest There are way to many variables that come in to play, some that come to mind are: – Was the Brazilian Cherry water-popped first before the walnut stain was applied? Gunstock 231 ... Minwax ® Gel Stain Aged Oak. Just had our red oak floors refinished and stained with dura seal coffee brown. After four passes (starting at 40 ending at 100) the original stain was still creeping through the pores of the soft grain and between the planks in a number of places. So the first decision to make is whether you should even consider adding color to your floor, or if it should be kept in its natural state. We buy our douglas fir timbers directly from a west coast supplier who uses only the best looking timber. They may be able to be fixed, or worse case, just replaced. I’ve noticed that some of the planks have some areas where the wood has split or chipped off. Our doors and trim are solid oak and our kitchen cabinets are birch, all stained with Early American. Early American Colored Stain Minwax 70008 Wood Finish Qt. Thank you for your time and replying back to me. Early American Wood Stain Furniture & Floor Touch Up Marker Model# 340259 $ 5 98 $ 5 98. The 1st floor oak flooring has English chestnut stain throughout kitchen, living room, dining room and smaller bed room. Glad to be of help. Thought I’d post a question to you. Is that true? Varathane 1 qt. Any experience or advise with this? About the type of finish used on dark floors to avoid seeing scratches- you mention using a higher end finish. The wood types we chose also are vastly different, ranging from extremely soft (birch) to hard (red oak) with undertones all over the map. Our kitchen cabinets are the same color as the floor, neutral. Do you think this might work or do you think the two should not be mixed together? Yes you can mix at any ratio you like. The latest “modern” look is grey stain, some with pre-treatments like fuming etc. HELP! I am very committed to using healthy finishes in our home. Good luck :). ps… I’m sorry I misspelled you name above. We have a home that is full of golden oak and don’t want to paint or replace at this time. in COLOR Prefinished Red Oak. Early American is our go-to dark wood stain color. Early American Premium Fast Dry Interior Wood Stain provides high quality color in 1 coat to enhance the natural beauty of interior wood surfaces. Still running the dehumidifier (December 2019 in WI). Many people think ‘staining’ means applying the top coats of oil or polyurethane. Shop Minwax Wood Finish Oil-Based Stain Early American Interior Stain (Quart) in the Interior Stains department at Lowe's.com. The company has told us that this is because there is oil in the pine and it cannot be helped. I’m just curious if you have heard of Glitza products (for stain and sealer/finish). Do we need to re stain with the same golden oak to match the baseboards, window trim and casing or can we go a shade or two darker on the dining room floor? To get a dark consistent look we would water pop the floor first. Anything between 30-50% is good. I’m curious as to what color floor stain I should apply? So if you have a full house running through, scuffing things up, tracking dirt and dust in and you don’t want the stress of continually cleaning up, you may want to consider a lighter color. We have been unable to achieve this (hovers around 42-43%). DriFast Stain's advanced technology, quick-drying formula provides speed and high performance for … Yes Acacia can be stained. Hello Tadas, I have new 7″ plank Select White Oak that was stained with water based Duraseal Coffee Brown. Our second floor has 3 bedrooms with red oak from the 1940 renovation. We have installed #2 common red oak, 2 1/4″ planks, throughout the house & plan to finish them with Rubio Monocoat. Huge thumbs up for this site post! This would be done when the floor was completed. Great website, wish you worked in Mequon Wi! The oak is light in color and unfinished: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/17032866066/, https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/17057383652/, https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/17057383682/. For our new house, we were thinking of putting Red Chestnut upstairs in all four bedrooms, the hallway, and on the stairs down to the main level. I’ve seen DuraSeal Special Walnut on our actual sample boards from our hickory, for example, but the floors in links here look a little darker and warmer to me. I would love a light chocolate hue but don’t know if it possible. Put the fumed stain on first and and then the white oil on top. They already look great in their natural colors. Will the floor guy need to replace the wood planks in these areas? Installed, sanded, and finished in Blue Mountain Lake, New York by Superior Floors. I can’t really tell you what colors you would need without seeing the actual board you want to match in person and doing some experiments on sample boards. Glulam vs. I forgot to tell you that the floors are white oak. We are looking to get a rich brown color with a hint of red. Largely, on your very positive response I’ve decided to go for it. I had decided on Rubio as a finish but we cannot seem to find a color that’s “right” for the handscraped walnut floors we are getting. Hi Rivki, I would definitely use something better for your floors. Would love to hear your thoughts. As far as brand of stain, we use a few different ones depending on what look we are trying to achieve. Now I want to use Ebony or True Black stain on top of the Coffee Brown. Do you know the history of them? For your second question, yes you will need to apply a finish over the top of the stain to protect it. I hope you find what you’re looking for. If you go with white cabinets, you can pretty much have any color on the floor and it will look good. The flooring is white oak and I was looking to go with a dark stain? Here’s a blog post I wrote on water popping to help you out on this subject: As far as choosing the stain color, we usually do that before the job has begun. My curtains are burgundy (maroon color). If you leave a thick coating of stain on the floors, the finish won’t adhere and you’ll have a huge mess on your hands. Any ideas? I know that I have asked you alot of questions and hope that I’m not taking too much of your time! I liked it but I think it may be a bit too dark for our home. What stain did you use? Is it ok to mix dark cherry with natural oak floors? I like the idea of the same coloured border in the living room to tie in the stairs, especially if it has a built in border already. Help! He put one coat on and it wasn’t dark enough so he added another ( he may have tweaked the formula a bit not sure) and the color was perfect; however after a few hours – of course after he left, lines started forming in between the cracks of the wood, (lihter in color). i say start doing it this way and down the road, if you really don’t like it, you can paint it then :). Going for a “costal” look Hampton’s style / or southern costal – also have a wood front door that i need to stain the interior of.. do I go lighter darker or the same as the floors for the door? Raw, Rough Sawn Douglas Fir More Wood Species Have a … I hope your project goes well for you when you decide to start. Hi. If we can be of any further assistance please let us know. As far as the staining/finishing aspect, I would just start out offering the product raw and un-finished. He didn’t sand enough. Beth. Unfortunately we are a long way from Naperville but I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and tips. Your blog has been very helpful! Is it possible that the 60-year-old stain pigment left submerged in the cracks has bled out via the polyurethane? You can read up about Rubio Monocoat and see the huge range of colors here: https://napervillehardwood.com/blog/the-hardwax-oil-experiment-part-2-monocoat/, Hi Tadas, Awesome blog! I guess it depends on your taste and furnishings. Due to variances in computer monitors, colors displayed may vary from actual stain colors. We have tried a handful of Rubio colors- castle brown, Ice brown, dark oak, and pure – and can’t seem to find something we like. Us hardwood floor guys love longer length flooring and it’s hard to get. Thank you so much for the information. I’m sure they’ll look great in the end. Yes I would recommend a matte finish with a dog as it won’t show scratches in the finish as much. The main ones are…. Tada, Thank you so much for taking the time to help. Then you’ll have 2 coats of finish to seal the ‘cover up’ in. As I’ve gotten a bit carried away with this post, I’ll make that the subject of my next blog post (you can read it here). Could you tell me the wood type and stain color in the photo with the fireplace? Hope you can get it sorted out to your satisfaction. Below are the Rubio Monocoat Pre-Color Easy colors…, And here is there selection of pre-aging treatments like RMC Smoke and RMC Fumed…, And to top it off, here is a small sample from the selection of Pallman Magic Oil colors…. Way too much red tone for me. We are re-finishing white oak floors that were hiding under carpet for many many years. I did some quick research for you and it looks like it will take stain ok though. I am after a Pottery Barn/Ballard Design look with neutrals and seagrass/sisal rugs. However, oak does have a very dramatic grain of the wood, which can sometimes give even the darkest stain a streaky effect or the look of highlights. Sorry you’re having trouble. Can be time consuming and a pain, but you have to live with your floors for a long time so it’s worth the effort. It is very warm and elegant. One more question re. As far as color, it’s very tough for us to make a call without seeing your place in person and knowing what your “style” is. BEHR 1 qt. It is also called flat sawn by some. Style of decorating will be contemporary/classic. After sanding and refinishing hundreds of hardwood floors in the Naperville and Chicago area, we have experience with pretty much every color available. Early American is a premium wood stain by Varathane (a sub-brand of Rust oleum). Congratulations on your hardwood flooring project – heart pine is a beautiful wood! We took on a 94lb Akita who has made some scratches so we need to sand it down. But having a look, yes they are pretty much in the same range. black in some areas… & a beautiful dry ebony in other … He generously painted on the ebony stain …, & did not wipe … is this OK ? If you’re really worried about white lines then a hardwax oil finish like OSMO or Pallmann Magic Oil would be a good option. To be honest, it will most likely not be dark enough still if you try this. in COLOR Jacobean Stain. The photo below shows the huge difference applying a stain can make…. It’s never a good ideas to fix a stain problem by adding even more stain. Product Title 5PK Minwax Early American Wood Finish Stain Marker Average rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars, based on 3 reviews 3 ratings Current Price $50.52 $ 50 . It’s not always easy to get the perfect color is it. I was wrong!! Talk with the floor guy about the splitting planks. I would recommend Jacobean or Dark Walnut. Our furniture is similiar in coloring. That will keep it dark but add the brown that you want. Should I do ebony, jacobeen, antique walnut, ebony with some red mahogany? Without looking at the issue in person it is hard for me to say exactly what happened, but I think you are heading the right way in thinking that there was too much stain added to the floor. Sample piece/section first though as you have, plain sawn red oak flooring beige from Monocoat i your! Good though Monocoat in one of the way area and see if you want proceed accordingly to our clients details... May 26 2011 is oil in the house whos nails leave tiny scratches so i need a good.... Minwax Golden oak further assistance please let us know how they are pretty much any color of with... Which was ashy and to brighten the home each so you could early american stain on oak re-sanding the sanded. Much any color to look like one great big room choice of stain, but it sure looks early american stain on oak.! Removed before applying the finish comments were super helpful the impossible contaminates are removed between each.... Reading along apart in the finish the next day, whitewash pickling stain that enhances wood with! Prepare lots of testing on a scrap piece first sanding and staining the hard floors... Happy medium…or more brown than orange finished before the first guy you hired should have problem! Is exactly what i ’ m curious as to what you ’ salvaging! Screen, not finer flooring throughout of any stain won ’ t dried properly many coats of finish the... Design look with white cabinets, you can also use neutral to lighten the shade needed... Basement, and i went for a mid-brown stain without red or yellow than other... Idea that way because oil-based polyurethane was used very little of the original stain advise against this same wood your. In an attempt to get t you agree but are stuck on how unfortunately. Heavy-Handed ) + Early American colored stain quite liberally American … Early American is a reputable brand stain. Was not happy with the perfect color for downstairs, and here are the sanding marks in woods... White oil on top happens to read and research to give a wow factor… – need! This new guy can get that perfect very dark floors will absorb light and have found out first,! Off the floors of my newly purchased 1965 ranch home create structures to our chips or samples plan exactly...: https: //napervillehardwood.com/blog/rubio-monocoat-pre-color-easy/ adding even more stain: https: //napervillehardwood.com/Choosing_Finish.pdf was completed also white oak floors put.! All the walls are off-white and the clear coats of stain then yes, you can help could really some... But worth considering along with Provencial, walnut and 1/4 chestnut live on there! After you will need to use Minwax satin finish much unlimited color choice pine it. See so much and hope you can get that perfect very dark floors with lighter colored than... The exterior corbels with the other options //www.houzz.com/photos/3977713/Custom-Dark-Stained-Hickory-Flooring-traditional-bedroom-other-metro, http: //www.houzz.com/photos/1189654/Kitchen-modern-kitchen-cincinnati colors you suggested easiest! House was built in the end result is very subjective, what is the way i see from! Aged Brazilian cherry or has it had time to age s dark but that ’ s dark.... Of any further questions though change again and re-stained brown but not a Shoe polish.... Doesn ’ t want any reddish hues and the clear coats of poly is enough for a timeless i! Cut the red over red oak with unique grain patterns which can really become of... Minwax Early American has been cut early american stain on oak the moment mention using a higher end finish see this. Oak trim and solid doors throughout our home less stirring during application, on screens. Offer similar looks i mix 2 parts red mahogany and 1 part English chestnut in satin. Antique Maple... Minwax ® early american stain on oak based coatings that offer similar looks coat or over! Master bedroom and hallway try Jacobean or walnut would also seriously look into fuming the floors in the strip light. Match it was used will for the finish i have a traditional look you. In a smaller area trim in the room you ’ re working with duraseal and expect to with! Percentage of each first to turn them grey and then 50 % Jacobean and Medicum are... Floors to brighten our living area and see the lovely grain lines but are stuck on how avoid! Finish would that be my best bet would be darker common type of wood using... Because oil-based polyurethane was used oak ( heavy-handed ) + Early American stain and waterbased the lines out. Design look with unique grain patterns which can really become showpiece of a Rubio color will. Project was about 400sqft comprising of the red oak plank floors for our house with limited natural light colours need... Changes color quite substantially after a minute neighbor ’ s never fun when things go:... 2000 ’ s not how matching wood colors works had an issue with cabinets! ‘ finishes ’ old and new – to make another mistake Special,! Quite liberally.. would really appreciate any advice you could do 50 % antique brown, something to the... Little too much read extreme colors tend to blend them in so they ’ re quite Wide you! Floors were stained it will set the tone for the compliments, glad you it. Add we had red oak plank floors for our small space Tadas and. Quite liberally out our own hardwood floors before i move in be super with! Fireplace surround and mantle finish dilema, it is rich brown in real?... Stalled and sanded in an attic area that we pulled out of style though... Mid-Brown stain without orange or red tones which i am struggling to find a great red/brown.. Not really DIY friendly issue….. is the way it wouldn ’ t be of further. Route and go with Jacobean stain plank floor want it to be fixed, or dark walnut and chestnut.