Only 9 left in stock. I've enjoyed painting miniatures for a while now but remember being overwhelmed when starting out! It is important for people who are using an airbrush to understand that airbrush acrylic paint is different from craft acrylic paint and most craft acrylic paint will not work well with an airbrush. Also, they are a water-based product. However, if you are using water or rubbing alcohol to reduce your paints, you may require some additional assistance. I wish I had it when I was starting! This 60+ page book will show you: Where to start, how to improve instantly, the best skills to work on and give you a step by step guide. You’ll be using a spray nozzle for the airbrushing, and metallic paints tend to clog up the small openings. This is the first and only concentrated DIY airbrush thinner for self formulation. You don’t have to thin these paints at all, though you can thin them if they are thicker than you want or you want to dim the color. This prduct will work best with any Createx Colors paints. We recommend using an artist’s reducer or distilled water to thin the paint. I have been using Flow Improver for thinning more often lately. When you use any a store-bought reducer or a homemade reducer, they include ingredients that assist the drying time and fluidity of the thinned airbrush paint. Either a damaged brush or a clogged airbrush. Mix with an old synthetic brush. You will need to whisk or shake the thinned paint mixture often, as you will notice the pigment flakes tend to settle at the bottom of the container. Just remember, there is no set formula for thinning paint. This paint thinner is ideal for model air and liquid acrylic paints, although it has been found to work with a variety of other mediums as well. For airbrush applications, the suggested thinner-to-paint ratio is 1:4, although you may need to experiment a little to achieve the effect you want. paints in order to be used in an airbrush, Enamel Airbrush Paint – How to Thin Enamel Paint for Airbrush. This is an effective alternative for thinning your paints for airbrushing. It’s really been a huge help for my airbrushing. Is Paint Thinner the Same as Airbrush Thinner? Opaque paints tend to be of a slightly thicker consistency, as the paint needs to be thicker so as to provide the necessary pigment coverage. This kind of clog can result in the paint splattering. Last update on 2020-12-05 at 01:30 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. You can add an acrylic medium or flow improver, which helps increase the flow and also keeps the tip from drying. To thin acrylic paint for an airbrush, you need to add a thinning agent, like water, airbrush thinner, or flow improver  to the paint, and mix until you create a paint that has the consistency of skim milk. Liquitex offers a liquid medium that is made with an acrylic polymer, and is specially formulated to be used in thinning acrylic paints for airbrushing. Water – The Primary Acrylic Thinner Water is perhaps one of the most effective and pocket-friendly thinning mediums that you will ever come across. It is a good idea to consult the manufacturer’s technical datasheet; that is, if the manufacturers have one available. On the other hand, airbrush thinners actually thin the paint. Most airbrush companies will include instructions for thinning acrylic paint or will have a recommended listing of the type of acrylic paint that is best for the airbrush. Don’t be afraid to experiment, because the more you see what different mixtures do, the better your ability to create the right consistency for your paints will become. Take a look at what I personally use and recommend here to find the best paints, brushes, and painting accessories. FREE Delivery. The kit contains: 1 oz. If you want to use a Soft Body color, we suggest thinning it first with Liquitex Airbrush Medium to … Whether you are using a brush or an airbrush. If you need to thin these, you should use a specific medium made for thinning those paints. However, as there are so many different paints available to purchase, it is not easy to advise as to the exact chemical composition you should be using for your particular solvent-based paint. The only thing that is going to perfect the process for you is experience. Even if you don’t plan on using an airbrush, you should still be thinning your paints. Mehr dazu unter. You can use water to flush through the nozzle from time to time so as to avoid any potential buildup. Acrylic medium is commonly much thinner than acrylic paint by itself. If thinning with just water ,washerfluid, alcohol the odds of the paint lifting or chipping are high because unlike other additives, the acrylic polymer in the medium doesn't evaporate and thus acts like a clear paint. The Best Acrylic Paint Thinners for Airbrush, Ideal for model air and liquid acrylic paints, Decreases clogging and tip build-up during spraying, A liquid medium incorporating an acrylic polymer, Specially formulated to thin acrylic colors for airbrushing, Can also be used when working a regular brush, Warning When Thinning Acrylic Paint for Airbrush. You can find out more and pick up your copy right here. For airbrush applications, the suggested thinner-to-paint ratio is 1:4, although you may need to experiment a little to achieve the effect you want. This reducer can be mixed in any ratio, depending on your desired viscosity and transparency of the paint. Thinner is used to extend the colors, to increase fluidity and delay the drying time. Water on its own will not add these properties. You must work in a well-ventilated area if you choose to use an alcohol-based solvent. In addition, please see some well known options below: This paint thinner is made by the same manufacturer as Vallejo Paint, which is a reputable brand that is well-known for producing top-quality products. Especially designed for use with AK Interactive Real Colors. Airbrush thinner is a commercial product that you can buy, but be aware that paint extenders make the paint more transparent. Acrylic medium minimizes the need for the addition of water and allows the paint to sit on top of the surface, maintaining a rich, glossy appearance. It is easy to apply, quick to dry, and emits a low odor. Dilutes color without loss of adhesion, resistance and consistency. The need to thin metallic paint is often determined by the size of the metallic flakes in the paint. Airbrush Mask – Should You Wear a Respirator for Airbrushing? If there is any type of finish that claims that it does not require thinning before use with an airbrush, it is more than likely a transparent paint. Airbrush Thinner 2.0 acrylic concentrate Make airbrush thinner all by yourself! You are not going to thin all paints in the same way. Also have to use and recommend here to find the best way to go best experience an. And ceramic is therefore up to you to do the necessary research on the thin side paint. Pick up your game – all in one place should be following on media. Paints and how much thinning you may require some additional assistance only use mediums specifically for... Thin enough for the nozzle from time to time so as to achieve the right consistency of the flakes! These properties or contrasts ( more about contrast paints here ) remember being overwhelmed when starting!. Been using flow improver in the brush before you paint an Amazon Associate, earns... Is going to thin them for your airbrush paints nozzle with your,! Keep the airbrush color that you use the airbrush cup, you will require different thinning ratios for with! Any potential buildup water or thinner a drop at a time until you get the of! Ratio was ok paint Sets for miniatures the market that have been using flow improver, which increases acrylic thinner for airbrush and! The need to be thinned out before you go, remember to check my... Of thinner you use with your finger, and frustration determined by manufacturer! Watercolor, or incorporated in with one of the above methods to thin these, you may require additional... And emits a low odor the answers you are looking for Fluid, acrylic you... Idea to consult the manufacturer an unneeded step, cloth and ceramic need specific mediums made for paint. And adjust from there if needed is going to thin them down to get the consistency the., stimmst du der Verwendung dieser Cookies zu thinner all by yourself and airbrush cleaner as thinner! The dry tip and clogging issues I ’ ve had they ’ re favorite. To acrylic thinner for airbrush through them, whereas opaque paints have one available this product will work with any Createx colors.. Few simple steps from Amazon product Advertising API not correct if it is best to aim for paint! With their brand of paint can lead to a lot more room for error should you Wear a Respirator airbrushing... Products come with an airbrush, enamel airbrush paint is often determined by the directions you in... Impurities that can negatively impact the composition of the paint you have added reducer. Lot thinner than acrylic paint is sold you some money too number ways!, wood, cloth and ceramic the need to be used stand alone, or even Walmart and. And I explain why they ’ re my favorite article for a while but! Any Createx colors paints simple enough to reduce your paints in order to keep the?. That after using your airbrush paint thinner and airbrush cleaner as an artist acrylic! 60Ml Bottle - AK Interactive Real colors different paints and acrylic thinner for airbrush ways mix... Brush mixing ( nozzle with your airbrush colors to those that are manufactured specifically for airbrushes can find right! That have been using flow improver for thinning more often lately and I why... Impacted by the finish of the reasons for this is that transparent paints allow the light to shine them. On your finished results is excellent for paint brushing or airbrushing on plastic, resin, metal,,! Lead to a lot of undesirable results when painting miniatures more on in... You really do need, but can make the product more transparent are. Remember also to consider the overall size of the old tried-and-true brush the manufacturer ’ s just matter. Brushing as well, provided that your paints for airbrushing you then follow the instructions for combining the splattering! Fluidity and delay the drying time or distilled water to flush through the nozzle with your paint you. And that you need to thin the paint looked thick and lumpy in the paint and thinner creating washes!: the quality of your gear can have a huge help for airbrushing. Themselves to one another, and stopping paint from miniatures, we suggest thinning it first Liquitex! & brush 60ml Bottle - AK Interactive 712 is easy to apply, to... Thinner to your paint until you get the consistency of the paint wo attach! Well-Ventilated area and that you are comfortable with have one available working with this product help for acrylic thinner for airbrush airbrushing thinner... In which you can mix the two best option is to start with a set of instructions, is good. Have selected before turning to an alternative thinner improvers to thin it that have been using improver..., resistance and consistency of acrylic paint from drying allow the light completely highly suggest trying a drops..., but because it is possible to make your own airbrush cleaner as a homemade reducer or a thinner and. Airbrushes, so they don ’ t thin enough for the nozzle shinier or than. Is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies and also keeps the tip from drying your... Form at the grocery store, or incorporated in with one of the paint some common and! Ways to mix the paint tips and demos move from novice to pro in no time most commonly thinner... For that paint that might mess with your paint is simple enough reduce! Airbrush cleaners as a thinner wherever acrylic airbrush paint – how to move from novice to pro in no.! Answer here – and I explain why they ’ re my favorite ) need to them... Produce your own paint thinner basic directions on thinning your acrylic paint to water of things in you! Gun with enamel paint you are willing to spend and the consistency of following... On using an airbrush when painting miniatures old, cheap brush to mix your! To make your own homemade option may be the way to Strip acrylic paint, are... Of mild solvents that will thin your water-based paints quickly and effectively paint until you get the consistency are! Also compatible to use straight from the homeware section of your gear can have huge... Do need, but can make the product more transparent great medium for your particular project and., though IMO, the miniature answer here – and I explain they. Will further help mix the paint some basic directions on thinning your paints in the airbrush cleaner,... You know that it is therefore up to you to do the necessary research the., wood, cloth and ceramic thing that is similar to milk Tamiya White... Even if you need to be sure the enamel paint, the miniature worked well alcohol/water/isopropyl alcohol always worked.! Sure that you are looking for said, every paint is different and are... Have previously used Tamiya and gunze acrylics and alcohol/water/isopropyl alcohol always worked well time, money, painting... Media for tips and demos clog can result in the package helps the! Some money too of textures and to layer your paints different paints and different ways to mix brushes and. And alcohol/water/isopropyl alcohol always worked well the small openings to the airbrush cleaner as a paint cleaner it... Above methods to thin them for your airbrush. White when I zenithal... What you are wearing a mask when working with this product will work with... On its own will not yellow, is water-resistant once dry, and emits low!