Thanks for the a2a. So just consult your ballistics charts for the bullet you’re shooting and distance you’re shooting it. The bullet used in the .30-06 Springfield and in the .308 has the same size diameter (.308). I am fixing to go deer hunting in a couple of weeks and I can't decide on whether I want to use my 243 or 30-06. If you find product , Deals.If at the time will discount more Savings So you already decide you want have 30 M1 Ammo Uk And 30 06 Ammo For Deer for your, but you don't know where level 2 Original … A: Yes, the brass casing of the .30-06 Springfield (2.494″) is the larger than the casing used for the .308 cartridge (2.015″). I know 130 grain bullets take deer on a regular baises in other … Demonstrating the effects of Henry 30-30 and Remington 700 30-06 on water jugsLike, subscribe, and share ! I also like it in heavy brush as well as out in the … Haven't used a 30-06 on deer in about 10 years but back then I was shooting a savage 110 with open sights and loaded with 180gr corelokt. While .223 caliber ARs are perfectly fine for deer … When using a 30.06 for our big whitetails here, I have used both 150 and 165 gr. I too feel the 180's, while perfectly lethal, may not expand and stop deer quite as quickly as a lighter, more … It is widely known that the .30-06 rifle is the best all around rifle. The .30-06 logs a muzzle speed of 3,140 feet per second, while the 6.5 sits at 2,850 feet per second. Just get 3 or 4 different brands and start shooting groups to see which one your rifle likes best. The .30-06 will drive a 180-grain bullet — an excellent all-around choice for the big-game hunter — to a muzzle velocity of somewhere between 2,700 and 2,800 fps. loads. Attempting to find some great bargains on new Winchester.30-06 Springfield Ammo?Then you've landed on the perfect page! That said, I do think the .30-06 … This is a very respectable … Bighorn sheep, elk, antelope, bear, moose, deer--you can pretty much hunt them all with a .30-06. 11-06-2010, 07:44 AM The 30-30 is a fine deer and black bear rifle but as most everyone knows it is definitely not a good long range choice and that is the problem. Both cartridges are readily found on store shelves and are inexpensive compared to rarer chamberings. But of course, if you’re willing to sacrifice bullet weight, you can get a faster 6.5 Creedmoor … You want a minimum of 900 foot pounds of energy when the bullet hits to make the hunting bullet work right. I'm going to be using this for deer hunting. The iron sights might not be the best but hunting under 200 yards its … And .30-06 recoil is manageable for virtually all deer hunters. First off, we decided to limit ourselves to the most common deer hunting calibers: .30-06, .308, .300 Winchester Magnum, 6.5 Creedmoor, and .30-30 Winchester. The rifle accompanies various calibers like .243, .270 and .308 also. 30-06 Mineral Block delivers essential macro and trace minerals along with vitamins A, D, and E needed for a healthy herd and for bucks to reach more of their genetic potential in antler growth. The rifle works the best way for a long vision deer … The .270 has adequate power for any deer that walks, and the .30-06 probably carries some overkill. Once you understand what you plan to use the .30-06 Springfield rifle for, we are confident that you can find a “best .30-06 rifle” for your needs – as there are plenty out there still and they are all … The 30–06 is The fact is there is no real answer. NEXT: ELK AMMO GUIDE Foundry Outdoors is your trusted home for buying archery, camping, fishing, hunting, … Because they … The .270 shoots flatter and has quite a bit less recoil. The .30-06 isn’t fancy or flashy, but with a 180-grain bullet it’s a real thumper. In keeping with my viewing the '06 as a wonderfully versatile round, one of my favorites for woods deer hunting in my 6 1/2 pound Mauser sporter is 42gr. Its muzzle velocity is 3440 fps, and the energy is 2364 ft. lbs. Shop for cheap price 22 Remington Rifle Parts And 30 06 Rifle For Deer Hunting .Price Low and Options of 22 Remington Rifle Parts And 30 06 Rifle For Deer Hunting from variety sto In fact, the 180-grain .30-06 works so well that I’ve also used it to take a number of deer and pronghorns because it doesn’t tear up as much meat as the 150 grain. Shop for 30 06 Ammo For Deer Hunting And 30 30 Leverevolution Ammo Reviews Ads Immediately . I also have a Model 94 in .30-30, a Savage 99 in .300, and an H&R Handi rifle in .243, plus a bunch of shotguns I could use but never have. 30-06 Mineral Block … Best 30-06 The ballistics of the .30-06 are also ideal for most deer hunting, from thick woods and brush to the open country of the West. Personally, I like 165 and 180 grain bullets for the .30-06, but the 150's will do the job on deer. The .30/06 Springfield: Why This Old Cartridge is Still the Best for Big Game Hunting How does the .30/06 … If you are not tempted to use this … It's a common caliber, easy to find ammo for, and very good for one shot stops. Free shipping and returns on "30 06 Ammo For Deer Hunting And 30 30 Leverevolution Amm It is highly suitable if you are hunting deer … He told a friend about this and his friend wants me to do this for his 30-06. Perhaps our top pick for best .30-06 scope, the Diamondback is an SFP reticle scope that packs a serious punch while giving you all the benefits you’re looking for: Dead-hold BDC reticle or V … When it comes to deer hunting, one of America’s classics has always been the venerable.30-30 lever-action.Many deer hunters took his or her first buck with a Winchester Model 94 … Deer, bear, moose, elk: they’ll all go down from a well placed 308 or 30-06. 1 .25-06 Remington One of the top 10 calibers for the deer hunting is the 25-06 Remington. Why the old .30/06 is still the best all-around big-game cartridge, and how it compares to other top hunting cartridges. hunting with 30.06,2018,not what I wanted ,it was getting late so I took this small buck.BAG LIMITSBag limits and harvest restrictionsapply to all hunters. The .30-06 … I've killed at least a dozen bull elk with the 30/06 and at least 50 deer with the 30/06.Any halfassed cheap 180gr factory load has exited on deer and most of them exited on elk.It's never failed … I have used both cartridges quite a bit in Africa, and both are excellent for a wide range of plains game. I've used a 30.06 for years as my primary deer hunting weapon. Whether that be a 30-06, .308, or 6.5 I’d hate to be the deer on the other end. Sierra … I usually carry a Model 70 in .30-06 for deer. Again, look at the charts. With plenty of solutions to pick from, you should have no trouble choosing the best item for your needs. A 30–30 is not a speed demon for velocity. As far as hunting cartridges go, it has more than enough stopping power for deer and … I realize each gun shoots different loads better, but I'm just curious to know what factory ammo out there people have had good luck with in .30-06. I was wondering about a 130 grain bullet in a 30-06. Both work for deer, but then there are those that say everything from .223 on up … Does the 30-06 retain more energy? Additionally, the traditional … 4064 under the 165gr. … Never had a deer go more than a few steps with that … Both are excellent deer cartridges. I normally use my 30-06 but I shot my 243 alot this year and got really used to the tigger on its the adjustable type and the 30-06 … If … It is not particularly big payload wise. At OpticsPlanet, we take pride in our capacity to provide our clients a plethora of opportunities, and our new Winchester Deer Season XP .30-06 … Depends on bullet weight and retained speed.